Below we have included written & picture instructions on how to use our products. Go ski!

1) Putting Finer Liner on

2) Customizing Foam fit


1) Putting Finer Liner on:

Step 1: Remove boot Liner from ski boot shell.

Step 2: Undo velcro found behind Finer Liner "Bute" Logo.

Step 3: Place large sleeve of Finer Liner over boot liner tongue, with foam facing inside the boot. 

Step 4: Place small sleeve of Finer Liner over toe box.

Step 5: Pull tongue handle out.

Step 6: Redo velcro strap on Finer Liner. 

Step 7: Place boot liner back inside ski boot shell and GO SKI!


2) Customizing foam fit (Removing 1 or both pieces of foam):

Step 1: Turn Finer Liner inside out. 

Step 2: Remove foam (1 or 2 pieces) through the elastic hole. 

Step 3: Trim foam as needed to remove pressure points. 

Step 4: Put foam back into the Finer Liner through the elastic hole. (You can use either 1 or 2 pieces of foam)